Knowledge is Power.
We all have heard this before, but what are you doing to grow your knowledge?
I would say Knowledge can be Power!
Knowledge is only powerful if you put it to work.
How often do you hear about others that gained knowledge from a “textbook” that they never use…
…I hear it all the time.
I love teaching what I’ve done since 2002. Real-world experiences with specific tactics.
The other day, I heard someone out of nowhere say “Hey Cody”…I look up and it was the gentleman in this picture, Roland.
He was going through my course and told me about all he was learning and that he appreciated me/my course.
He is gaining real-world knowledge that he can apply.
This is so fulfilling for me…to be a part of others' journey that are wanting to level up. So awesome!
Thank you Roland for sharing.

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