Unless you are successful in all areas of your life…you have fallen short.
This picture is with my son Bailey. I’m in Bend, OR currently, which is where he lives.
Bailey and I haven’t always had a great relationship which would weigh heavy on my heart.
I have the desire to succeed in all areas of my life.
Who cares about a successful business/money if you’re not putting that same energy into your relationships.
Had an awesome walk with him today along the river…talking about our relationship and real meaningful elements of life.
Here are two guidelines that we created a few months ago in our relationship that has helped us get closer again:
1. We don’t try and convince/push the other to think like/agree with the other.
2. We respect each other as men (Bailey is a 23-year-old young man).
I’m so proud of you Bailey and I’m thankful for what the Lord is doing in both our lives.

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